It's a very strange thing to say but I've spent most of my life in the company of spirits & ghosts. In that time I've learned as much as I could about the afterlife & the supernatural. None of this was planned by me & for most of my life I didn't want it. It all began when I was a wee boy living in old haunted slum flats.

I went from initial terror, to getting used to them & finally embracing them fully.


So, here I am, after four decades of living with, investigating & developing a deep paranormal connection, I realise I've learned a lot over the years & yet they still fascinate & draw me in to this day. Even now, in my spare time, I continue to seek more information & push the boundaries & I guess I always will while I'm in my physical form here on Earth I suppose.

You see, I'm not some new age airy fairy believer in all things other worldly. I'm a naturally rational, curious & level headed person & I only believe in what I see, sense or hear. I've studied all responses of the human body in scary situations, worked with thousands as a hypnotist & therapist & I know the affects of infrasound, high electrical frequencies, imagination, hallucination & all the possible natural causes that can make us believe a place is haunted when it isn't. But I have to add I've also seen spirits, heard them, saw apparitions of the distant past, interacted with them & much of it has been proved to me many times over. 


I was actually embarrassed of the connection & kept it secret much of my early life. I've tried to outrun them, hide away from them all & live a 'normal' life many times but for some bizarre reason I'm always led back to their world but each time I learn a wee bit more about them & understand their behaviour. Many times it wasn't good for my mental & physical health & has caused me a lot of problems in the past. 

Throughout my twenties, I spent numerous nights all alone in allegedly haunted locations trying to connect with them & can say with absolute certainty that the supernatural exists. Strip away the folklore, superstition, fakery & imagination that surrounds the whole field & we find genuine phenomena that no one can explain. It is rare & I've spent many nights sitting in silence with nothing happening.

However now, I am much older, wiser...(well, maybe not much!) I've now decided to embark on a new adventure while I have enough strength in my body. I want to take paranormal investigation to a whole new level. I want to embrace it all again, get to know them, I want to spend time with them in darkness, alone, the way I did as a wee boy. I want to share their stories with the world.


Tom Rannachan

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