I sit alone under dark skies. Above silhouettes I watch your lives.

You come & go, as you lay down tear stained roses on hallowed ground.

When the dawn finally breaks and the moon & sun collide, they walk with you they are by your side.

I wish you well.

Within these stones you're all the same 

No one has fortune, no one has fame

Gold epitaphs are all falling

Time has no price when I am calling.

When the day steals the shadows and the breeze hears your cry

Listen closely within that silence there is no need for goodbye.

I wish you well.

They are the sun, they are the winter… they are the rain that falls on a veil

They are the Universe within & around you…the moon, the stars, they are everywhere.

They wish you well.

I feel your pain I know it cuts deep. Because I am part of you & you are part of me.

But in all sorrow & in time there is beauty; you'll spread your wings one day & journey with me.

We are the sun, the autumn leaves...the breeze that blows the storm clouds away.

All that has been & all that shall be... Each sad ending is a dawning day.

They are never far you will see.

We wish you well.