• Tom Rannachan

The Devil Made 'Em Do It

What I’ll write about here in this blog may seem a bit strange to some who know my work & it may seem a wee bit crazy to others who don’t know me or have never experienced anything paranormal. And for those few folk who have followed my work over the years they will know that what follows is something I would not say lightly. Do I give a hoot who agrees? Naw! We all have different experiences & that’s what makes us all develop different views on life after death & the meaning of this physical short existence.

But this particular subject I feel is very important today & after decades of silence about this I feel have to say….

I’ve spent many long years in this physical existence & much of those years were spent connecting with & investigating the supernatural. I still do! To be honest, most of the lone vigils I did in the 1990’s were boring, had completely rational explanations & in hindsight were an absolute waste of my time. But 'should've' & 'could've' are useless words & thoughts so we have to just accept the past & be present now. We learn & we spiritually progress,

I have to add that the rare genuine hauntings I was involved in & helping the living was back then were so enjoyable to experience that it made everything else so bloody addictive & that kept me doing more & more. Actually seeing & interacting with people from hundreds of years ago was an emotional journey for me & I loved every connection like that more than I could ever explain here.

So what's my point? Well, I sadly have to add here that not all hauntings are the same & sometimes we are dealing with entities that are not of this world or even of human origin. They seem to exist between the dimensions & they interrupt connections. .

So, I've decided I’m going to write about them here & to begin with there's something I constantly see in modern paranormal TV & internet shows that I've been finding quite unsettling & no matter what the stars of the shows believe they are dealing with they are being manipulated.

Over the years I’ve been in communication with literally thousands of people in spirit. I’ve analysed it all, thought it through rationally & can say its real! Life goes on!!

The dead are not just ghosts, they are not simply phantoms or spooks. They are folk like you & I & most of them deserve respect. (‘Most’ because some spirit people are a******s too ha).

So, here's where I get to the point... In my investigations I’ve sadly encountered beings that I have never ever spoken about publicly: This is the first time...Demons. I actually don’t like giving these buggers any publicity or energy to manifest because I know they will take any chance they get. I've had so many run ins with them that I know their tricks. They will infiltrate, segregate & manipulate at the first chance they get. They are literally spiritual vermin.

So why am I writing this? Well, in recent years I have seen something happening on these shows that looks to me like mind manipulation by these entities. I've seen it so many times over the years & I can see the signs in practically every ghost hunting show today so clearly. They want cursing, blasphemy, anger, havoc & ego & they have it in abundance now.

I can also see this in every day life & their impact on civilisation but that’s another story.

I have to say I do enjoy paranormal shows.

With that said, I feel I really have to address something I am finding unsettling....

I notice that recently I continuously hear the proclamations of “Holy f**k”, "Holy c**p" or “Holy s**t” uttered by the hosts of these shows. Even heard "Jesus f****g Christ" a few times too. It has even infected YouTube paranormal uploaders. This happens usually when something spooky occurs on screen but now it's happening even more. I realise it may all seem innocuous & maybe even cool to do this in today's world but this is blasphemy & no matter your beliefs or religion it is exactly what demons want.

I also see angry provocation to spirit people during investigations – usually fuelled by ego – (demons feed off human ego) & trust me, if a demonic entity is there in that provocation session the perpetrator will eventually pay.

Now, I have to tell you that I am not a religious man in any way & have no affiliation with any organised churches but I have noticed throughout my dealings quite clearly that demonic entities do want us to continually use the name of ‘Jesus’ in a negative way or ‘holy’ as a curse word & want us to swear & blaspheme at their command. I see it everywhere now. I feel it is an incantation.

I’ll also admit that I swear occasionally & will continue to do so - especially after a few Scotch whiskeys in me - but in those particular circumstances dealing with those presences I would be very wary.

So, I’d advise anyone who investigates hauntings to be very aware of their words & actions & to continually embrace the light & don't be dragged into the negative energy or language they manifest within us..

We are powerful beings & can manifest positive or negative outcomes by our beliefs in ourselves. So deal with them with positive intention.

So, if you are a believer, non-believer, religious, atheist, it does not matter. I am stating here that yes demons are real & they will manipulate every situation.