An inner journey of self discovery

Throughout my lifetime of helping others by using hypnosis, I have been continually asked about past life regression. This was something I was obsessed with when I first learned to hypnotise people all those years ago & after some incredible sessions I set off on a quest to learn more about this & practice constantly with anybody who was willing. I've personally conducted thousands of past life sessions over the last three decades & have been blessed to witness many amazing experiences as people discover who they may have been in a previous existence on earth. I've even found it can occasionally give us an understanding of some of our idiosyncrasies & habits we may have in this present life.

Even now it is always as great an adventure for me as it is for the person taking the journey. No two sessions have ever been the same & contrary to belief, I have yet to meet someone who believes they were someone famous before.

I also have to say that no deep hypnotic trance  is needed to access past life memories. Only a relaxed meditative state of mind (theta) is required to create the perfect conditions for the journey to begin. You will be aware all throughout the journey. In fact, for a past lives session the person has to have complete awareness while in the state of mind needed.


Each session begins with a gentle guided meditation, uniquely suited to each person's personality & this can then relax the mind & body. Once the perfect conditions have been reached I can then safely guide the person into any past memories that may exist. I always make sure no one actually experiences the emotional moments of the life & instead they view it more as a spectator. I find this helps people absorb more of the surroundings etc & view the session more objectively.

I have to add that every single person I've worked with through these sessions has felt calmer. more relaxed & happier afterwards.

Each session can last around 90 - 120 mins & all the information we receive is documented for the person to go & research themselves.

These sessions are solely for self discovery & not intended as regression therapy & are in no way offered as a therapeutic consultation.