Tom has had a deep connection with the paranormal since childhood & literally has a lifetime of experience spending time alone with the supernatural in thousands of haunted places.

He is well known for his ability to be extremely rational & level headed in every investigation yet is able to  decipher afterlife communication & discover more about the origins & who or what is infesting a location.

Over the years he has stood face to face with poltergeists, apparitions & even a few demonic possessions in his time. His lifetime of knowledge about the 'other side' is unsurpassed & he has been interviewed many times by mainstream media about all things ghostly & paranormal. 

It has to be added that Tom has never charged a penny for helping with private hauntings or demonic infestations as he knows only too well the problems related to living with an evil entity in a haunted home as a child.

Due to his diary he is probably unable to visit private haunted homes & advises victims to look for a reputable paranormal investigation group who may help.


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