Q: Can you contact my loved one for me? 

A: Sorry, I don't offer this kind of service. Contact your local spiritualist association.

Q: Can you help me fix phobias or stop smoking?

A: I no longer offer that kind of therapy. There are many great hypnotherapists nearby you that can be found easily. 

Q: I feel I psychic. Can you help me?

A: I do help people with intuitive/psychic development classes when I have time.

Q: My house is haunted. How much would it cost for you to investigate?

A: I still investigate when time permitting. Contact & if possible myself & my team will investigate. 100% free.

Q: Do you do any other kind of readings?

A: Yes, I sometimes use tarot to guide others in sessions. 

Q: Can you come do a talk for my group or event?

A: Yes. Send us your requirements.

Q: I need motivation for sports/business/life. Can you help me?

A: Yes. Send me your requirements.