The world is changing, we are changing, the human race is evolving. Times ahead are challenging for many but spiritually a new beginning is upon us & we can choose to be swept up in the chaos or be the calmness within the storm. These workshops & online events are aimed at helping you flourish & be the light for yourself & others throughout this period in humankind.



A live Zoom workshop with Tom who will lead the group to work with the power of the universe & how to manifest energy that can help us all take some control of our destiny & live our physical lives to the fullest & create inner peace & harmony.


"We are what we believe & we create everything we have."

You will learn that we do not always have to be at the mercy of fate or 'luck' & with practice can co-create outcomes in our lives by working with our higher energies, the Universal law & the power of the human mind.


This workshop will be light hearted, informal & include guided meditations to empower your mind, energise the body & unlock your highest spirit / mind potential.

Duration - 3 Hours

Groups from 3- 8 People 

For more information or to join click the button above & we will get back to you ASAP. (Spaces limited)