Tom Rannachan is a leading spiritual coach, author & motivational speaker. Based in Scotland, he has helped countless people worldwide through his live events & one to one sessions. Tom perfectly blends the spiritual with the practical & has helped clients from all walks of life with his unique style of working with the mind, spirit & body.


Tom M Rannachan is based in Scotland & has nearly four decades of experience as a hypnotist, vast experience as a world renowned spiritualist & a long time passion & knowledge of the mind, spirit & body connection as a Personal Trainer & Spiritual Coach for many years. His humorous, tough down to earth style belies a caring & powerful life altering ability & a passion for helping his fellow beings conquer challenges. His life long obsession with historic warriors, spirit & self empowerment has given him a unique outlook on helping others.

His clientele list has included celebrities, fighters, sports stars & world renowned entrepreneurs who seek his spiritual guidance to give them the edge in their life & work. 

Tom is also known in his native land for his live motivational/spiritual events & talks where he entertains the audience with uplifting stories & empowering messages. He also occasionally entertains sell out audiences with his true life terrifying, & hilarious, tales, of the supernatural in his solo show 'A Very Strange Man'. Tom is also a professional musician & spends his spare time watching boxing, MMA & visiting ancient spiritual & haunted locations in his native land alone. He also enjoys partaking in a good Scotch whisky or beer. He is married, is an animal advocate & is known to wear a kilt whenever he gets a chance!