If you want a Zoom reading with me then please read below first.

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Booking Readings

As many of you know since I was a wee boy I've always had a strange connection with the spirit world & developed strong intuitive abilities. All my adult life (and even as a wee boy)  I've been asked to give readings but always said no until I was in my early thirties & more or less got talked into it. So how did I end up here? You see, I've always disliked most psychics I've met. And now I'm classed as one! How did that happen?

For somebody who didn't want this I've ended up on huge stages & did readings for so many people over the years, including sports stars, celebrities & music stars. Crazy!  I've met some amazing people on both sides of life & am honored to have connected two worlds but doing them regularly has burned me out several times after a while. 

My Life Coaching & Hypnosis work has taken off massively - which I love - & readings take far more energy to do. I was going to stop them but people keep asking over & over for them so here's what I'm doing:

Now, what I'm about to say first may sound a wee bit strange but I actually advise you go look for a psychic elsewhere. There's loads of them on social media who call themselves 'the best' or 'the finest' or 'most gorgeous' or other nonsense ha ha. Forget those bams! The best bet is word of mouth or even contact a local spiritualist church.I advise you to look elsewhere first.

What I've decided to do is offer a limited amount of readings on Zoom when I get time. Each reading will cost 65.00 & will last 30 minutes. I find it works perfectly online.


Payment will be upfront at the booking through secure safe server Stripe Payments.

However, if you really want to see me through Zoom then follow the link below & someone will send you a link to book.


Thanks for submitting!