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Thank you for visiting & showing interest in me & my website. Some people may have searched for me due to my paranormal work or books. Others may know me through my motivational or self help events over the years. But most of you no doubt will have no idea who this big bald Scottish bugger with a rather dark & foreboding website that you’ve stumbled upon is.

Well, to all of you here, thanks for visiting my wee corner of the web…. Welcome!

To write about ourselves & our achievements is quite an odd thing to do & something I personally find quite difficult. Most online websites have a segment written by someone who has been paid handsomely to tell the visitor how amazing & wonderful the particular person is. Until recently I also had the hyped up bio written about me online too & I have to say that they did a good job making me look windswept & interesting indeed!

So, I’ll give this a go & I’ll be truthful with you. I’ll start by saying that in hindsight I now realise I’ve led a strange life. Far stranger than most & I’ve spent much of this journey working on connecting with the supernatural & investigating & developing all things spiritual. If I could live this physical journey again I would spend more time away from that & embrace this physical life, the people & animals I had around me much more than I did. But hindsight is a wonderful thing & all we have is here & now to create the best life.


I was born in Glasgow a long time ago into an old condemned one room haunted flat in a slum area of the city to a single parent mother. We lived with my grandmother & moved around a lot from place to place but let’s just say it wasn’t a great life. Our beginnings do influence us all greatly but they do not need to define us so I made a decision a few years ago that I’d prefer to leave those days in the past. I can say with certainty though that I have many of the ghosts & spirits around me back then to thank for getting me through that part of my life relatively unscathed, although a bit strange!

When I was a wee bit older I had a period of homelessness as a teenager & thankfully had an amazing ‘coincidence’ one night while trying to catch some sleep in a graveyard. An experience that altered my life forever & gave me the urge to learn more & help others live a great life. (A tattered self-help book by Emile Coue literally blew over to my sleeping bag!).

Due to this I then became obsessed with hypnosis & mind mastery & so began another strange life long journey. Not long after this I was fortunate enough to meet an influence in my life who helped me deal with the strange paranormal experiences that I was scared to share with anybody. Although I despised it at the time I’m so grateful for it all now. 

Like many teens, I wanted excitement & music soon became a huge part of my life. I ended up playing bass in a few local metal bands, spending many a night onstage to half a dozen people shredding my guitar, banging my head, sticking my tongue out & trying to look mean & moody! That passion has lasted till now… playing music I mean, not head banging & sticking my tongue out anymore! I'd injure myself these days!


Not long after that I decided to train & became a personal trainer. I am also a life long martial arts, boxing & fight fanatic & am honoured to have helped many fighters in my time since then.


In the early 1990’s I moved into a wee room with a bed, a table & a sink in the old bohemian west end area of Glasgow. (It took me back to my beginnings as a wee boy) It was at this time I began to be asked to spend many lone vigils at allegedly haunted places trying to connect with the spirits people believed were causing havoc & terror. I did this initially to help a couple of people who felt their home had some strange things going on. They’d heard about my weird connection through word of mouth (No internet in those old days) & before long I was hanging around alone in lots of ghostly places & everybody wanted to see me.  I've never once charged to investigate but now realise I may have selfishly yearned for the company of spirits again in those days as the connection with them had subsided a bit by then. Little did i know it would soon explode into decades of mayhem.

During that period I spent many a night sitting like an eejit without a single piece of activity happening. But when it did I met funny spirits, cheeky ones, loving beautiful ones & very occasionally a couple of horrible wee demonic b*****ds! 

As time went on I somehow ended up in front of thousands of people in concert halls & theatres, & being featured on radio, newspapers & magazines all over the world. I was contacted by many clients from all backgrounds, famous & infamous & met some weird & wonderful people who taught me who I want to be & who I don’t want to be.

For a wee while I was becoming quite well known in Scotland but felt I was beginning to be led by my ego instead of my heart. For the first time since childhood I felt envy & began to believe the bull***t some people were feeding me until one day I just stepped off the carousel of craziness. I just let it go & took a backseat; enough was enough.

You see, what we think matters in this world is not what really matters. I learned this the hard way but thank God I finally learned in the end!

I’ve tried all my life to run away from all things spiritual all of my life & I mean all of my life. You see, I’ve always had a naturally curious & rational mind & sought normality away from all this strange phenomena. Back in my youth I couldn’t separate from it & grew to actually hate it but now I understand fully & embrace it all. This is who I am & I accept & love the spirit world with all my heart but I control it.

Due to my childhood I still feel comfort in the darkness of old haunted places, I relax in the places others don't like & my heart is healed every time I step foot into an ancient spiritual location.  There is much beauty & peace in the cold darkness away from the living & the light. I always tell people to find their own place - even in their own mind - where they can just be & go there regularly & retune the head a bit. Mines happens to in ancient haunted places & may be a bit different from others but it works perfectly for me.

I no longer debate spiritual subjects these days because this life is too short & everybody will soon know their personal destiny after their body fades away. I'm honoured to have been shown for a fact this life is not the end & the next dimension is only a few breaths away. I am convinced that we do live on. I have seen them, sensed them, head them & interacted with them for many years & this gives me peace.


However, due to my experiences my advice is to live our present lives with peace in our heart, take no s**t, be strong, be brave & try to be the best version of who we can be. Forgive ourselves for past mistakes, never do it again & forgive those people that walked out of our lives, however hard it is at the time. They arrived, they did their job, taught us the lesson & they left. Good! In the end when we die we'll all realise it was meant to be.

Try to be kind but remain focused, balance the mind & appreciate the body we have, the loved ones we have & cherish the people who matter.


Always remember, you're doing okay because I've found that everybody is winging it! some are just a wee bit better at hiding their faults & fears.

Since experiencing some health issues over the last few years I now live my life exactly as I wish & spend more time doing things I want rather than worrying about things that really don’t matter & if it’s meant to be it will be.

One thing I’ve learned from our friends in spirit & history books is that we must appreciate every moment, every breath & that we can as we co-create our own life journey & manifest some great things. We must wholeheartedly believe in ourselves & work with the higher power around & within us.

We must stop comparing ourselves to others (I always did this!) & just realise we are all unique & yet one spiritual energy. The chances of us existing right now are practically nil so we must be strong through this part of our eternal journey & be grateful for the chances.

I realise I'm off on a tangent & running out of things to write about myself so I’ll finish by saying that in my spare time I am obsessed with history, I play bass very loud & scream my head off in a rock band. I like walking my two big rescue dogs, am an advocate for animals, enjoy hanging out with my close family & enjoy drinking a whisky or a beer in old haunted Scottish pubs while sharing some stories & laughs.


I am also a dedicated kilt wearer & will run about in any weather with my kilt on given half a chance!