Supernatural Explorer 


Tom Rannachan has a full lifetime of experience of dealing with the supernatural & all things ghostly. He has vast knowledge & experience of the afterlife & has written extensively & performed to sell out audiences in his native land. As a child growing up in old slum housing in Glasgow, Scotland, he was constantly surrounded by extreme paranormal activity & as he grew older the initial fear of the 'visitors' turned to acceptance & then to a deep fascination & intuitive spiritual connection which remains with him to this day. 

It was in his early 20's when word began to spread around Scotland about his unique abilities. This resulted in Tom being asked to visit numerous alleged haunted private homes & locations to help the living deal with the terrifying activity around them. This led to many run ins with negative energies & several real life possessions.

In recent years his quest to discover more & enhance his connection to the unseen world has led him to investigate some of the most frightening locations imaginable all alone & only armed with his lantern & his senses.

Tom is also a life coach & hypnotist. His clientele list over the years has included celebrities, fighters, sports stars & world renowned entrepreneurs who seek his counsel & intuitive guidance to give them the edge in their life & work. 


Tom is also a professional musician, author & spends his spare time following boxing, MMA & lifting weights. He also enjoys partaking in a good Scotch whisky or beer.


He is married, is an animal advocate & is known to wear his kilt whenever he gets a chance!

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