Musings, Words & Ramblings

Tom Rannachan embodies the true meaning of 'spirit, mind & body'. Three decades of empowering & helping others physically & mentally & a lifetime of experience has created his unique outlook on life & a powerful spiritual message all designed to help his fellow beings flourish while delivered in the down to earth straight talking manner he is known for. 

Born & raised in Scotland, Tom has risen from a difficult childhood in the slums to selling out theatres & concert halls throughout his native land. His worldwide clientele includes people from all walks of life including many sports stars, celebrities & leading entrepreneurs who have sought his counsel to reset, rebalance & focus their mind. 

Over the years he has been featured & interviewed on many national & international radio stations & in numerous newspapers & magazines, sharing his knowledge on subjects as diverse as fitness & health to the paranormal!

The  'Unleash Your Inner Soul Warrior' guided meditations & eBook is a concept  close to his heart. Influenced by his deep fascination for history & the ancient warriors of yore & passion for empowering others, both have gained hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide online. Tom has given everyone in the world access to both entirely for free to help them through these challenging times & tap into their inner warrior.

Nowadays, when he isn't in the gym or leading groups he spends as much of his time as possible traipsing around Scotland in his kilt visiting ancient locations & is known to haunt many of his favourite old pubs with a Scotch Whiskey in his hand.

Please note: Tom doesn't give 'readings'. If you wish to contact for 121 online coaching or group events click above & we will forward your message to Tom.